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4 Steps Set Growatt SPF 5000 ES Communication Via RS485

Growatt SPF5000ES

1.Connect Communication Cable

All Battery Come with a Straight-Through Wired Inverter Cable

2.Set Battery Address

For All Address Setting

3.Select Protocol

For Software Download & Install

4.Inverter Setting

For Inverter Setting
Ensure all 4 steps completed correctly, then start battery & inverter to check communication.
You can also check the whole process though video.


  1. I see the Jakiper batteries work well with the Growatt SPF 5000 ES inverter, but will they work work an 8000 or 10,000kw Growatt inverter? Any special connectors or other tech items needed to work with the larger inverters?

    1. It will work.

      Communication cable (internet cable) will come with battery.

      You will need a USB-RS232-RJ11 cable.

  2. Hi
    I have Growatt 5000 ES with felicity lithium battery
    After conecting the communication cable between them
    Adjust parameter nb 5 to LI then parm36 to 01 save ,directly power out switch off with error 4&20
    Any clue

    1. Parameter 036–LO1–Growatt 485
      Parameter 036–LO2–Pylon 485
      Parameter 036–L51–Growatt CAN
      Parameter 036–L52–Pylon CAN

      Please make sure to use the correct port and protocol from BMS.

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