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Frequently Asked Questions-Jakiper Battery JK48V100 Server Rack LiFePO4

New Jakiper Server Rack Battery
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Q1:How to switch on battery?

A1: Press&Hold ‘RST’ 3-6 seconds.

Q2: Can not switch on BMS from ‘RST’ key, is there any other way?


A2: Possible reason: RST key damage/ Battery over discharged/wire disconnected/ BMS damage… Solution(Choose ONE only):

  1. Press & Hold ‘RST’3-6 seconds.
  2. Remove & connect small red wire 
  3. PC software (on/off).
  4. Charging (voltage wake up, voltage >40V).

Q3: Battery Anti-Theft activated, how it get activated, what should I do?

A3: Signs for identify Anti-Theft activated: Red ALM light came on with constant beeping. The BMS all cell voltage are 0V, and all the temperature are -40C. 

Anti-Theft activate steps: Sys Setting>>open T-Sensor>>Enter

Un-lock & Deactivate Anti-Theft: PC connect to battery though RS232, unlock from FangDao APP.(USB-RS232-RJ12 cable required)

Q4: How BMS communicate?

A4: Basic version received before 23th, February, 2022, BMS can communicate with PC though RS232/485.

Upgraded version which received after 24th, February, 2022, BMS can communicate with inverter though CAN/RS485A port, like Growatt, Sol-Ark…

Q5: What charge settings are optimal for my setup?

A5: For the first few times charge after long transportation, set the charge voltage around 56VDC.

After 30 cycles, increase the charge voltage to 57-58.4V.

Q6:Package received, but found damage, what should I do?

A6:Mark on the delivery receipt, keep photo for the package and receipt. Inform driver and shipper. For anything about such problem, please contact with us in the first time.

Q7:Why shipping time is so long?

A7: We can arrange the delivery within 48 hours after receive the order.

Due to the weight and nature of this product, it must be shipped by Freight for protection.

We sorry for the first container shipment, it is random inspection by custom for 1 month delay, it was outside of our expectation, when goods arrive our warehouse and start delivery, it’s Christmas and New Year holiday, everything goes slowly, we are trying to upgrade this service all the time, everything goes well now.

Q8:Can I have a special discount?

A8:Contact sales if your needed quantity more than 24pcs.

Q9: Can you accept PayPal please?

A9: Contact sales for any payment methods.

Q10:I would like to know if you ship to out side of USA and if you ship door to door And how long this will take?

A10: Yes. Check our website for other area order link. Most place accept door to door service. More details needed, please contact to our sales.



  1. Please send me your price and method of payment
    Dr Agrippa Nduka
    Shop 13 main St
    St mary ,Jamaica

    1. To Jamaica MOQ 4pcs

  2. Good day,

    Do you ship outside of the USA?



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